The purpose of the corporation shall be to promote public safety for people with visual impairments by providing Roboglasses® and/or other assistive devices to individuals who are lacking the financial means to purchase such aides.

The Roboglasses® are an electronic travel aide that alerts the user to obstacles so that they can thereby avoid head and upper body injuries while in motion. By providing such devices for those individuals whose sight is impaired we should greatly increase the public safety of the visually impaired user as well as other people around them. Other than filing the Articles of Incorporation, drafting the Bylaws, applying for 501(c)(3) status, and developing a website; the corporation is not engaged in any activity, past or present. The Board of Directors is currently developing a strategic plan that will provide for the most efficient methods for acquisition and distribution of the Roboglasses to visually impaired low-income individuals. The plan will include a variety of creative marketing strategies that will entail various fundraising activities, over the next five years a data base of prospective donors and prospective clients will be developed, and work will begin on some means for tracking and measuring outcomes.

Modern Technology
for the Blind