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Welcome to our site, where we are diligently seeking to bring modern technology to the sight impaired.

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Modern Technology
for the Blind 

Have you recently upgraded your cell phone and wondering

what you should do with your old smartphone?


Modern Technology for the Blind is pleased to announce our iPhone for the Blind Drive! It has been brought to our attention that smartphone technology and the apps available for these devices are amazing tools in the hands of the blind and visually impaired. For examples you can click on this link- http://blinkiechicks.com/presentations-episode-1-iphone-speech-by-jessica-2/

Here is how to get involved…

If you would like to donate an iPhone to someone who is blind or sight impaired please email us at moderntechnologyforhteblind@gmail.com and we will give you the information to send your phone to someone in need.

If you are blind or sight impaired and need an iPhone then email us at moderntechnologyfortheblind@gmail.com . You simply need to answer a few questions and send a copy of your state issued I.D. for identification verification.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us through email at moderntechnologyfortheblind@gmail.com or by phone at 870-696-3871.